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Voluntary Food Safety Recall for Schneiders Country Naturals Wieners.
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Tangy Glazed Salami with Spicy Mustard


Tangy Glazed Salami with Spicy Mustard

Seemingly so simple, but there’s a whole lot of flavour going on! Take the peppery salami and give it some caramelized sweetness of apricots. Finish it with that mustard bite. Make this appetizer in just a few minutes, and have a lot on hand.



10 round 1/8-inch Slices of Schneiders Pepper Salami

2 tbsp (30 mL) Apricot jam, room temp

1/4 tbsp (4 mL) Spicy mustard


Heat a pan or grill over medium. Working in batches, place the salami slices in a single layer in pan. Cook until bright red on both sides, about 6 minutes flipping halfway through cook time

While Salami is still hot, brush apricot jam on both sides of slices

Cut salami slices in half and serve with spicy mustard for dipping