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Festive Holiday Charcuterie Board

Sausage Fresh Rolls


Festive Holiday Charcuterie Board

Turn a selection of our authentic European meats into a charcuterie showpiece. Form a tree with boards of varying lengths, then decorate it with delicious ingredients. Try grouping meats, crackers and cheeses together for easy selection. Then, trim your tree with fresh herbs and berries for a festive finishing touch.



1/2 cup mixed olives

1/3 cup candied or sugared cranberries

1/4 cup fig preserves or jam

1/4 cup pecan halves

100 g raw honeycomb

3 tbsp pomegranate arils



150 g goat cheese log (rolled in crushed pistachio and fresh herbs)

120 g oka cheese, wedge

115 g brie, wedge (or 1/4 of a medium-large wheel)

100 g blue cheese, wedge

100 g double smoked cheddar, cubed


From the deli counter:

150 g Schneiders® Hot Capocollo, thinly sliced

From the self-serve deli:

2 pkgs (200 g) Schneiders® Prosciutto

3 to 5 pcs (80 g to 100 g) Schneiders® Pepperettes (European)

80 g Schneiders® Italian Dry Salametti, sliced into rounds
3-5 pcs (70 g) Schneiders® Pepperettes (Original)

5 pcs (52 g) Schneiders® Pepperettes Bites (Sweet Chili Lime, Pepperoni or European)

50 g Schneiders® Italian Dry Cured Salami, folded


Fresh Fruits:

1 persimmon, sliced

1 cup grapes (green, red, and/or black)

1 or 2 clementines, peeled



1 cup walnuts, in shell

1/4 cup pistachios, in shell

1/4 cup dates

10 sprigs fresh rosemary

herbed crostini

round buttery snack crackers

italian herbed flatbread crackers

breadsticks (plain)

Select three rectangular boards in varying widths, to be arranged vertically from narrowest to widest in the shape of a tree.

Place pomegranate arils, fig preserves, pecan halves, sugared cranberries, raw honeycomb and mixed olives into small decorative dishes. Arrange the sugared cranberries above the smallest board as a ‘star’, the olives at the bottom of the widest board as a ‘trunk’, and the other four anchor ingredients across each of the three boards.

On the smallest board, arrange the assorted flatbreads and crackers, leaving some gaps for finishing ingredients at the end.

On the middle board, arrange the cheese wedges, log and cubes around the anchor ingredients, leaving gaps between each to be filled as a finishing touch.

On the largest board, loosely arrange the Schneiders Prosciutto in rosettes or bundles around one of the anchor dishes. Then, arrange half of the Schneiders® Italian Dry salametti around the perimeter of the prosciutto. Place the remaining slices of salametti around the edge of another anchor dish, then layer the Schneiders® Hot Capocollo around its perimeter. Gently fold each slice of Schneiders® Italian Dry Cured Salami in half, and fan them in a curve across the board. In the remaining space, add in the Schneiders® Pepperettes and Schneiders® Pepperettes Bites.

Arrange the persimmion slices, grapes and clementine wedges in half of the gaps across all three boards to add freshness and colour throughout the spread.

Fill in all remaining gaps with walnuts, pistachios and dates. Leave some nuts whole, and some cracked open for added texture.

Finish ‘trimming’ your charcuterie tree with ‘garland and ornaments’ – fresh sprigs of rosemary and sugared cranberries, between each board.



Feel free to use local fruits and berries available to you, and substitute in your favourite cheeses, preserves and nuts to customize each ingredient to your palate.

For holidays any other time of year, deconstruct the tree shape and arrange the boards any way you wish.