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Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches

Zesty Cheese Hot Dogs - Schneiders


Prosciutto Wrapped Peaches

Our rich and buttery Prosciutto is salty and nutty. Beautiful, in-season peaches are juicy and sweet. Together, they capture the heart of summer wrapped in one deliciously simple appetizer that’s full of flavour.

8 slices Schneiders® Prosciutto

2 peaches, cut into 8 wedges each

16 small leaves of basil

4 oz burrata or goat cheese

Good quality olive oil

Freshly cracked pepper

Slice each piece of prosciutto lengthwise so you have 16 thinner slices.

Place a wedge of peach at the bottom of each slice of prosciutto.

Add a small spoonful of cheese, about a half teaspoon, to the centre of each peach slice.

Add a twist of freshly cracked pepper, and top with a basil leave.

Roll each peach slice in prosciutto.

Plate on a platter and drizzle with olive oil.

This hors d’oeuvre pairs very well with a nice glass of French Rosé