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schneiders club sandwich


Schneiders Club Sandwich

schneiders club sandwich

Schneiders Club Sandwich

When you can’t decide which type of meat you want on your sandwich, this epic Club has you covered. The incredible flavours of our classic turkey, seasoned ham, and thick, smoky bacon will assure you not deciding between them was the best decision of all.


12 slices Schneiders Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

12 slices Schneiders Black Forest Ham

12 slices Schneiders Butcher Cut Double Smoked Bacon, cooked until golden and crisp

2 cups romaine lettuce, shredded

12 slices heirloom tomato, halved

½ cup good quality aioli

12 fresh sub style Italian buns, halved

Salt and pepper

To assemble:

Spread aioli on the inside faces of both the top and bottom halves of the buns. Season the top half with salt and pepper to taste.

On the bottom half of each bun, lay 2 slices of turkey, then 2 slices of ham, then 2 slices of bacon. Add four slices of tomato then a layer of lettuce before finishing with the top half of the bun.