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Sweet and Savoury Charcuterie Board

Sausage Fresh Rolls


Sweet and Savoury Charcuterie Board

From savoury to sweet, this charcuterie spread will indulge every craving. We’ve carefully sliced, folded, and stacked six varieties of our authentic European meats and famous Pepperettes®. Mixed with an array of fruits, nuts, cheeses, breads, and rich dark chocolate, the incredible flavour combinations are never-ending.



¾ cup pomegranate arils

½ – ¾ cup orange marmalade

spiced mixed nuts

½ cup raspberries

½ cup blackberries



150 goat cheese, natural rind, sliced into rounds

150g smoked cheddar cheese, sliced

150g raclette cheese, warmed on a grill or in an oven



From the deli counter:

150g Schneiders® Prosciutto

150g Schneiders® Hot Capocollo, thinly sliced

200g Schneiders® Genoa Salami, sliced


From the self-serve deli:

½ pkg Schneiders® Hot Calabrese Salametti, sliced

½ pkg Schneiders® Hot Pepperoni Pepperettes

½ pkg Schneiders® European Pepperettes Bites


Fresh Fruits:

1 medium apple (Gala, Honeycrisp, or any crisp apple can be used), sliced

1 medium pear (Bartlett or Bosc), sliced   



½ cup dried figs

¼ cup dates, pitted

2 sleeves assorted crackers (textured wheat crackers, thin crackers with fruit or nut inclusions)

1 bar dark chocolate (60% to 80% plain and/or spiced), broken into pieces

Place pomegranate arils, orange marmalade, spiced mixed nuts, and berries into small decorative dishes. Arrange these anchor ingredients on the boards.

Fan the goat cheese rounds around the pomegranate arils and marmalade. Arrange the smoked cheddar cheese slices onto the board. Place the warmed raclette cheese onto the larger of the two boards.

Loosely arrange the Schneiders Prosciutto rosettes or bundles between the bowl of arils and smoked cheddar. Place slices of the Schneiders Hot Capocollo on the larger board along one edge of the smaller board, fan the Schneiders Genoa Salami around the bowl of berries, and surround the spiced mix nuts with slices of the Schneiders Hot Calabrese Salametti. Add in the Schneiders Hot Pepperettes and the Schneiders European Pepperettes Bites.

Arrange the apple and pear slices (one fruit per board) in the gaps.

Fill in the rest of the boards with halved and whole dried figs, pitted dates, assorted crackers, and dark chocolate pieces.


Feel free to use local seasonal fruits and berries available to you. Small bunches of grapes can also be added to the boards. Honey, fig jam, or chutneys can be used instead of, or in addition to the marmalade.