Kolbassa Kit

Mini Charcuterie Kit

Kolbassa Sausage

We believe in elevating every moment. Our traditional kolbassa is made from juicy chunks of our premium pork, generously seasoned with pepper, mace, and garlic. We paired it with smooth, nutty gouda, sweet dried cranberries, and pitted olives to create an indulgent one-person charcuterie.

Nutritional Information


Kolbassa sausage: Pork; Water; Tapioca starch; Salt; Modified vinegar; Cane sugar; Garlic powder; Spice; Sodium phosphate; Sodium erythorbate; Sodium nitrite; Smoke.

Gouda cheese: Milk ingredients; Modified milk ingredients; Salt; Bacterial culture; Calcium chloride; Microbial enzyme.

Pitted green olives: Olives; Salt; Citric acid. May contain pits

Dried sweetened cranberries: Cranberries; Cane sugar.

Contains: Milk.

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