Texas BBQ Wings

Smoky & Savoury

Texas BBQ Wings

Enjoy the made-from-scratch taste of this pub favourite without even leaving the house. Sink your teeth into our tender, juicy chicken wings simply seasoned with the classic duo, salt and cracked pepper, for a taste that is uncompromisingly delicious. They make the perfect game-time (or any time) snack.

Nutritional Information

Chicken (drumettes and winglets); Water; Sugars (sugar; brown sugar; maltodextrin); Spice; Salt; Soy protein product; Granulated onion; Sodium phosphate; Granulated garlic; Modified corn starch; Potassium chloride; Smoke flavour.

Sauce: Sugars (sugar; blackstrap molasses; brown sugar); Water; Tomato paste; Vinegar; Modified corn starch; Salt; Dried garlic; Dried red bell pepper; Smoked paprika; Onion powder; Spices; Seasoning; Flavour; Sodium benzoate; Potassium sorbate.

Contains: Soy.

Please refer to the package for the most accurate  and up to date ingredient information.

Recipe Ideas

Fire up the grill and get ready to take wieners to the next level.

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