Original Smokies


Original Recipe

We love the succulence of our naturally smoked sausages, worth all the work it takes to make them so juicy. We start with a coarser grind of pork. We hang them by hand before they go into the Schneiders® smokehouse, gently, so as not to pierce the natural hog casing. Smoking them slowly gives them a rich taste and colour, without drying them out. All you need to do is finish them quickly on the grill for a few moments, to give them that signature char.

Nutritional Information


Pork; Water; Sugars (brown sugar; cane sugar); Potassium lactate; Salt; Potato starch; Spice; Sodium phosphate; Dried garlic; Sodium diacetate; Onion powder; Spice extract; Sodium nitrite; Smoke.

Please refer to the package for the most accurate  and up to date ingredient information.

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