Spicy Chicken Breasts

Golden & Spicy

Spicy Breaded Chicken Breasts

Hungry for some heat? Satisfy your craving with our Spicy Chicken Burgers. Crafted with Canadian farm-raised chicken, our signature blend of spices and a crispy, crunchy batter, these bold burgers pair perfectly with your favourite condiments and sides.

Nutritional Information


Chicken; Water; Wheat flour; Toasted wheat crumbs with spice and spice extractives; Wheat gluten; Modified corn starch; Soy protein product; Salt; Corn flour; Baking powder; Garlic powder; Modified palm oil; Onion powder; Defatted soy flour; Yeast extract; Guar gum; Flavour. Browned in vegetable oil. Contains: Wheat; Soy.

Please refer to the package for the most accurate  and up to date ingredient information.

Recipe Ideas

Fire up the grill and get ready to take wieners to the next level.

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