Schneiders Pepperettes Sausage Sticks, Hot European


Hot European

Bring the bold to the charcuterie board with our spicy European-style Sausage Sticks. Crafted using the Landjäger method, these savoury snacks are made with quality cuts of meat, then fermented, dry cured and seasoned with signature spices (and an extra hit of cayenne pepper) for the perfect flavour and texture.

Nutritional Information


Pork; Chicken; Sugars (corn syrup solids; corn maltodextrin; dextrose); Salt; Spice; Garlic powder; Yeast extract; Spice extract; Ascorbic acid; Lactic acid starter culture; Sodium nitrite; Smoke

Please refer to the package for the most accurate  and up to date ingredient information.

Recipe Ideas

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